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“Sandeep is a top notch engineer who always delivered on what was asked for and more. In fact, he and another team mate built most of what would be the basis of running a 40,000+ compute node Openstack operations at scale. He worked tirelessly through his personal time to tweak, and make things better with the operation tools used in our public cloud. Great technical leader, he even spent time as a Technical Manager at Rackspace, and was also highly regarded as having great potential. He was a great mentor for others in support, and also within our cloud operations.”


Tane Evans LinkedIn Infrastructure Engineering Manager at Agoda.

“Sandeep is one of only few technical people I know who also has a gift for dealing with people. This makes him very effective team player and combined with his ability to quickly provide working engineering solutions he is someone you want working on your projects. He is able to work with little to no supervision and still able to delivery on his goals in a timely manner. He is also patient and able to explain otherwise complex technical problems to non-technical people and even train a lucky few to over come them.”


Lubomir Panchev LinkedIn Operations Engineer Manager at Rackspace

“Sandeep Sidhu is a sharp, detail-oriented sysadmin and developer. Initially I noticed he was a super-hard worker and an producer of elegant code. As I worked longer with him I realised that he continuously thinks from big-picture down to fine details so that he focuses on getting perfect those things that really matter and scaling effort appropriately as resources allow. He combines this with a forward-looking view that takes future needs into account as he works, thus minimising disruptions and future expense. He is also a very pleasant person to work with; able to disagree with humour, persuade people that what seems possible is actually possible, and win the respect and affection of those he works with.”


Lee Kimber LinkedIn Cloud Specialist at OCSL Managed Services

“Sandeep is a dependable and effective system administrator who streamlined IT operations and ensured that essential IT services were always operational for the business and engineering users in our India offices. He is well versed with managing the expectations of an informed and demanding customer base and keeping them happy. He managed an IT environment that has a lot of diversity – Windows servers and desktops, several flavors of UNIX – Linux, HP/UX, AIX, server virtualization, esoteric IBM OS’s and devices, tethered and mobile users requiring secure VPN access. Sandeep was instrumental in migrating our engineering and IT environment without noticeable disruption into the McAfee infrastructure after Solidcore was acquired. He is admired for his positive attitude and a genuine desire to resolve IT-related issues that are hampering an individual from working productively. If I had the opportunity to do so in the future, I would gladly hire him once again. ”

Jay Vaishnav

Jay Vaishnav, Founder and SVP LinkedIn Founder and SVP Products at BlueStack Systems, Inc.


We provide range of services in delivering practical engineering and consultancy solutions for your IT department.


DevOps is a set of best practices that provide enhanced collaboration to produce better software. We provide excelent devops services, providing real business benefits and value is at the core of everything I do.

Web & Interface

Over the years I have build numerous websites, and designed web interfaces, dashboards, and intranet websites. While designing web interfaces, user experience is very important and it needs to be intutaive .

Python & Go-Lang

I have excellent experience in development and Python and Golang are the current two languages which I enjoy coding in.

Monitoring & Alerting

During my 15+ years of IT experience Monitoring and Alerting has always been important part of my job, and I have learned and developed best practices which helps me in designing enterprise class monitoring and alerts for any engineering platforms.

Sandeep Sidhu

Sandeep Sidhu

Founder and System DevOps

Sandeep has more than 15+ years of industry experience, ranging from system admin to system engineering to DevOps roles, working in startups as well as big corporations, have designed many engineering solutions and setup monitoring and alerting of critical systems.

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